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Building appearance

Building appearance

As a pinoneer of photomask blanks that play important roles in semiconductor production, ULCOAT have been progressing along with the technological innovation of semiconductor integrated circuits.

The significant development of electoronics has largely contributed to the market expansion of office automation equipment and consumer electronics digital products. However, further development of digital-multimedia appears to be essential for the information scociety to support next generation. And that's the area which vacuum technology is applied the most.

ULCOAT always provide products that meet the needs of users and society by creating the new value for future happiness.

Company Profile

Date Established 1st January,1979 
Company Representive CEO, Takeshi Haginouchi
Capital 100 million yen
Number of Employees 207 people
  • Photomask Blanks for Ultra-LSI
  • Halftone type Phase Shift Mask Blanks
  • Quartz Large Mask Blanks
  • Thin film coating for several Devices・Patterning
  • MEMS Foundry

Corporate Philosophy

ULCOAT continue to be demonstrated our employees' abilities and personality, aim to further transform ourself to realize the new value creation. In order to achieve the objectives, ULCOAT are gender, nationality, culture, and even more to understand the diversity of such as each person's personality and values, toward a better working of the realization for all of our employees. And regardless of the diverse human resources, gender and lifestyle, we continue to promote the work-life balance.

To provide a work environment where employees can continue to exert enough capacity in peace is an important management issue for our company. Along with the values and consciousness is diversifying every year, we believe that social problems such as an increase in the aging population and two-income households will increase. For various issues, we will continue to fulfill its social responsibility as a company.

President's Message

We lead the world in photomask blanks and flat panel display materials

CEO, Takeshi Haginouchi

ULCOAT have developed as a leading company in the material processing industry, as a member of ULVAC group which comprehensive vacuum manufacturers, provide customers with better solutions.

ULCOAT have developed the photomask blanks for semiconductors and the BM boards for high-quality colored filters, these have supported the rapid growth of semiconductors and LCD devices.

We will keep our focus on our customers and high-quality products, and will meet the demands of various fields such as semiconductor, display, MEMS, and Bio as a technology developer coping with cutting edge nanotechnology.

Business Strategy

We provide fascinating products using reliable vacuum deposition technology

The needs for nanotechnological products have increased all the more in semiconductor and display markets. ULCOAT will try to continue to achieve high quality that anticipates technological trend in markets, and produce attractive products, taking advantage of merits in oversea production such as quick response.

Glass MEMS (MEMS products with pattern formation on glass) have been challenging in response to the needs of new functional materials such as Bio-related DNA chip or micro cavity plate for a solder bump. With the foundation of non defective vacuum deposition technology and the developing nano technology, ULCOAT will respond to the various needs of high-tech material and processes, not only semiconductors and diaplay markets. In addition, we will respond to a lot of needs for nanotechnological products which have increased all the more in semiconductor and display markets.

Also we will strongly address maintenance and improvement of environmentally friendly production activities, and we will contribute to the society as responsible company in compliance with all laws.