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Integration of quality and environmental management system

Challenging integration of quality and environmental management system

ULCOAT had certification of ISO9002 of quality managemant system in 1997 (already changed to ISO9001), and also had ISO14001 of environmental managemant system in 2001.

We have achieved to harmonize production of high end products with conservation of environment on the earth for long years. Furthermore for improving our activities, we have started operating integration of these ISO system since July in 2005.

Quality and environmental Policy

ULCOAT have integrated quality management system and environmental management system.

we are applying and using these systems for long years.

In according with this policy, we carry out environmental conservation and also appeal to importance of improving environmental issues over the world.

ULCOAT Quality and Environmental Policy

ULCOAT always provide safe, high-quality products and services that meet the customer’s needs in all our corporate activities of design, manufacture and sale of a product. We also make preserve the global environment.

  • To increase customer satisfaction, we always listen the voice and advice from the customers and improve the quality of our products and operations continuously.
  • We comply the all laws and regulations relating to the environmental conservation, and the other requirements which we agreed.
  • We commit the followings as important matters which are quality and environmental management.

    1)Meeting the customer’s needs and providing the quality exceeding a customer’s expection.

    2)Providing energy saving and environment-friendly products.

    3)Improving the product and business activities for saving energy and resource.

    4)Reducing the hazardous chemical substances from manufacturing process and product.

    5)Promoting to reuse of wasting materials.

  • ULCOAT’s management philosophy is “Meeting the customer’s needs and providing the quality exceeding a customer’s expection”. We made quality control system by ISO9001 , international standard to serve our superb products for our customers of the world.
  • The company’s policy is open to the public.

1 Jul. 2022
Ulvac Coating Corporation
Takeshi Haginouchi