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Effort for environment

Effort for environment

Awaken by a beautiful birds singing to you that today has started, then we take a big breath to a brand new day. At ULCOAT, we wish everyday remains to be peaceful.

ULCOAT is committed to our surroundings and we have an environmentally friendly initiatives for all aspect of our business. It is with our core belief that “we return what we have used to the original state of the nature.” Since January 2001, ULCOAT has established our commitment to our environment by obtaining the ISO14001.

Additionally, ULCOAT continue to working on CO2 reduction with a goal value, preferred by our local governance of Saitama prefecture global warming countermeasure program.

ISO14001 Certification

ULCOAT had certification of ISO14001 in Jan. 2001, and through the delivery of our poroducts made by environmentally responsible in all business activity we have contributed to our society.

Also ULCOAT carry out Global environment conservation to advancing toward the Environmental load reduction targets which based on Laws and regulations for environmental protection, and other compliance requirements that agreed by ULCOAT.

Date of Certification 11 Jan. 2001
Scope of Registration Photomask Blanks, Thin film products in FPD application and patterned products’ design, development and production.
Registration Number

Global Warming Prevention Plan

ULCOAT make every continuous effort to reduce emissions of Greenhouse gas by business operations in Global Warming Prevention Plan based on Saitama Prefecture global warming countermeasure promotion Ordinance and Enforcement Ordinances.

Global Warming Prevention Plan [PDF 281KB]

Organization Chart for Environmental Preservation

Organization Chart
Organization Chart
Management Organization

ULCOAT have deliberated reviewed by management regularly and Environmental issues totally at Quality & Environment Committee in order to promote Environmental management system effectively.

Implementation Organization

ULCOAT’s every section take part in activities for achieve a target for fiscal year which is a concrete action plan based on Company-wide environmental targets. In a concrete action plan we reduce issues that significant environmental aspects. And the reverse, that can be good results for the environment.

Staff organization

In order to periodic audit implementation for environmental management system, ULCOAT conduct rigorous audit by special qualified internal auditors.