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History of the convergence of environmental and quality

ULCOAT are producing Hard Mask Blanks, Large Size Mask Blanks in beautiful scenery, Chichibu mountain range and record the history which is fostered by technical innovation of semiconductor and FPD developments.

Current keywords are nanotechnology, energy and resource conservation, captured a quick response. ULCOAT continue to create a leading-edge quality, value added products, such as a precise pattern processed products are responded to customers demand in the specialty of a defect-free coating technology.

Cutting Edge Hard Mask Blanks for Semiconductor

Attenuated Phase Shift Mask Blanks, Thin Chrome Mask Blanks are developed

Cutting Edge Large Size Mask Blanks for FPD

Large Size Attenuated Phase Shift Mask Blanks, Large Size Halftone Mask Blanks are developed

Glass MEMS

By applying a coating technology and photolithographic patterning technology, ULCOAT produce the glass MEMS products subjected to a fine processing to the glass.

From Large to small, from prototype to mass production, ULCOAT support these.

MEMS Foundry

Using semiconductor Mask Blanks and Large Size Mask Blanks production experience, ULCOAT produce MEMS samples and Products.